Bill and Payments


The prices of dentist work are set up from the Dutch government and are universal for all dentists. You can see an overview of the prices of codes and treatments on this page. The bill consists of different steps of what the dentist has done. Please note that there can be a difference in price between two fillings. The reason for this is that every filling is different in size and shape and there is sometimes a different layer needed to protect the nerve. Fillings with and without anaesthesia also have a different price. If you have a query about your bill, please call us on: 071512323

Payments and Fa-med
Questions about your bill

As dental professionals we want to focus only on your dental health. This is the reason why Fa_med takes care of your bills. In some cases your bill goes first through your dental insurance and then you receive a bill only for the part not covered from your dental insurance.

General payment conditions FA-Med

The general payment conditions of FAmdes are as follow:

– You have a period of 30 days to pay your bill.
– You can pay your bill via bank transfer at account number 627000800 on the name of FA-Med B.V. in Amerfoort. Please write down the payment specification, which you can find on your bill.
– If we don’t receive your payment within 30 days we will send you a reminder with a 10 days extension of the deadline.
– If we subsequently don’t receive your payment within the 10 additional days, we will regrettably have to add a surcharge of 15% to your original overall bill (with a minimum penalty surcharge of 40euros) plus an additional 2% customer interest charge.
– Sometimes, if we haven’t received your payment, we have to take legal proceedings to collect the debt. The costs of the proceedings will be added on your bill, so please take care that you pay your bills on time or call FAMED on time so you can arrange a postponed payment.
Contact FAMED:


Opening hours Monday till Friday 08:00 – 18:00
Tel. N.  For general questions: 0900 – 0885 (€ 0,15 per minute)
Tel. N. For a copy of your nota: 0900 – 0882 (€ 1,30 per call)

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