Practical Issues


Becoming a patient
Do you want to become a patient? This is possible. Call us on: 0715132828. You will receive an appointment within 5 working days. It will be very helpful if you could provide your previous dental history for us.

Changes in your personal situation
If there are any changes in your personal situation such as moving to a new address or a new dental insurance please call us on:  0715132828 to let us know.

Cancelling your appointment
You can always reschedule or cancel your appointment. We have a policy of free of charge cancellations if you call up to 24 hours prior to your appointment. Unfortunately if you call after this period we will have to send you a bill for the time you reserved in our schedule.

Other questions
If you have any other questions about your dental health, please ask us during your appointment for periodical check up or call us.